Friday, May 28, 2010

Buffalo Wings

Every Superbowl Sunday I make Buffalo chicken wings. I can never make enough, so I have decided to tutor my ravenous friends on how to make their own:

- Buy a very large package (or two) of chicken wings (on sale, if possible) at most a day or two before their intended use.

- Rinse and dry off these wings well. Cut each wing at their joints into three pieces. Put the expendable tips into a large pan with lightly-salted water, a small onion, and a bit of celery. Simmer long enough to get a nice chicken stock as a side benefit. Cool, drain and save the stock in the refrigerator or freezer for future use.

- Now well salt and pepper all the two bigger wing joints in a big bowl. In a large heated cast-iron frying pan add about an inch and one half of peanut or safflower oil. Fry and turn these chicken wings in batches until nicely browned (about five to eight minutes) adding more oil as required. Drain each batch on copious amounts of paper towels.

- When finished frying all the wings, dump them all into another large clean bowl.

- Depending upon how many wings you have, melt at least one stick of butter in a pan and add ½ a medium bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce to each melted butter stick. Right before you serve them, pour this hot buttered sauce over the wings and stir (or flip) until they are all covered.

- Serve while hot with cleaned and chilled quartered celery sticks and chilled blue cheese dressing. (I usually make this blue cheese dressing by taking a bottle of such dressing -- Ken’s is good -- and augmenting it with crumbled blue cheese bits bought separately.)

- Make sure you have enough cold beer on hand to cool and lubricate the enjoyers.

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