Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ala Porcine

Schnitzel is a quick and delicious departure from normal American fare. You can make it with expensive veal if you wish, but I usually use pork and defy most diners to tell the difference.

First find some nice, almost white pork tenderloin. Cut it into two inch sections and the pound these sections flat (about ¼” thick) with a tenderizing mallet. The results should be about six inches across. Salt and pepper these schnitzels on both sides, then do the quick-frying three step: dip in seasoned flour first (shaking of the excess), then a beaten egg (or two), then seasoned breadcrumbs or Panko (again shaking off the excess), and pan-fry in hot oil (corn or canola oil is fine) till golden brown on both sides. (The seasoning for the flour and breadcrumbs is open for creative flair, but I use salt, pepper, dried parsley flakes, and sometimes onion powder.) Top with the traditional lemon slice.

Serve these schnitzels with sides of red cabbage and apple sauce. To make the red cabbage: melt in a frying pan a good tablespoon of bacon grease (a must), add a small onion diced finely, sweat the onion for a minute or so and then add a jar of red cabbage (I’ve only ever seen one size of red-cabbage jar.) Heat thoroughly for a few minutes and then serve. The apple sauce is more complicated: get a large jar of good apple sauce, chill well, and serve with a topping of cinnamon. (French fries would be good too ... nice and hot ... and maybe even the cucumber salad from my previous blog post here.)

Should serve four.  Enjoy. (Make sure you have hired an oompa band and a zaftig female server.)

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