Monday, December 13, 2010

Italian Sub

Call it a Hoagie, Hero, Grinder, Po’ Boy, Torpedo, Submarine or whatever, it is a classic Italian treat and here is my version. Again first, please buy high quality cold cuts and bread otherwise the end product will be second rate.

Slice the Italian bread (poppy- or sesame-seeded is good) lengthwise … the crustier the better. Now drizzle some good red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil on the top and bottom cut sides of the bread and then sprinkle with Italian or Greek oregano. Now layer in the following (order can be reversed … see picture):

- thinly sliced real Italian mortadella (a must in my opinion)
- deli-thin Genoa salami slices
- deli-thin Provolone cheese slices
- chopped olive medley (optional)
- deli-thin capicola slices (hot or sweet according to your taste)
- paper thin imported prosciutto ham slices (go ahead splurge)
- deli-thin Swiss cheese (very optional … as this is not traditional)
- shredded Iceberg lettuce
- chopped or sliced ripe tomato
- chopped sweet onion (or scallions)
- chopped or sliced roasted Italian peppers (hot or sweet according to your taste)

Give the whole thing an extra sprinkle of oregano and drizzle of olive oil and red-wine vinegar. Do not, I repeat, do not heat this sandwich or use any mayonnaise. Serve it as described. Use a bib or tuck a dish towel around your neck as eating this treat will be messy.


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