Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ham I Am

Ham steak is a nice menu change.  I usually fix it this way.

Take a large cast iron frying pan and melt a heaping tablespoon of bacon fat in it.  Swish it around.  Now fry the ham steak (old-fashioned kind ... bone in ... plenty of contained fat ... no cuticle of plastic edging) for a few minutes.  Sprinkle the top lightly with ground cloves and a  tablespoon of dark brown sugar.  Turn it over and repeat this process.  Flip back and forth until it is well coated and done but not burnt.  Remove from the pan and carefully add a quarter cup of water (or apple cider) to make a "red-eye" gravy.

Cut and serve with buttered mashed potatoes and string beans.  Pore some gravy on the mashed potatoes.  (The cook gets the piece with the bone marrow ... the best part.)

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