Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pinch Me

There is a flaw in most recipes ... and that has to do with measurements ... in particular the term "pinch." A pinch of salt can be but a few grains or as much as a third of a teaspoon ... and recipes don't distinguish between these extremes. Therefore may I propose the following clarification to this term "pinch"?  I suggest that cookbook or cookblog authors use an antecedent as to the number of fingers used ... e.g., "two-finger pinch" (thumb and pinkie) or "2F pinch", "3F pinch", and all the way up to "5F pinch". This way, cooking recipes can keep us from over or under spicing our dishes.

If this protocol were observed then our foods would not be undersalted or overspiced ... and the world would be a much more regimented place. I promise to follow this instruction in future recipes here ... I might even go back a remedy some of my older posts.

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