Thursday, April 22, 2010

Non-Sufferin' Succotash

This dish is great for an end-of-summer block party or church social.  You won't regret doubling this recipe if the crowd is large and hungry enough.

- Fresh leftover (precooked) good quality corn cut right off the cob (about 3 or 4 ears).  This corn should be Butter and Sugar or Silver Queen. If you must use frozen corn, choose 2 packages of Shoe Peg white corn and cook according to package instructions.
- One package frozen baby Lima beans.  It is important to pre-cook it according to directions on package.
- About  two tablespoons sweet red pepper diced very small.(about 1/2 half a red pepper, peeled is better).
- One large shallot diced very small (optional).
- Lots of fresh butter -- at least half a stick -- melted in a large frying pan.
- Sauté red pepper (and shallot) briefly until soft (about 1-2 minutes).
- Add corn and drained Lima beans. Bring up to heat.
- Add about one teaspoon (or to taste) Kosher salt.
- And about four or five grinds of fresh black pepper.
- And a few shakes of paprika (optional).
- Mix well and serve hot -- a real old-fashioned treat.  Serves about four hearty eaters.

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